Capt. Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula)
Commanding Officer
Jonathan Archer, raised near the San Francisco shipyards which will serve as Starfleet Command, has been waiting since childhood to explore the stars. This is because his father Dr. Henry Archer was instrumental in developing a deep space vessel with Dr. Zefram Cochrane. Knowing this it is no surprise that he was chosen to command Earth's first deep space starship, the Enterprise NX-01. He is accompanied by his loyal beagle, Porthos.

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Sub-Cmdr. T'Pol (Jolene Blalock)
Science Officer
T'Pol, who is not an enlisted member in Starfleet has been assigned to the Enterprise as a consultant on loan from Vulcan. She serves as both the science officer and executive officer. Although this is her official function, she serves more as a balance of logic to a captain who is all too excited to be exploring the unknown regions of space. At times she views the Humans with contempt, but there are other times when she appreciates her Human companions. Although Archer initially found her to be a stopgap on the road to exploration, he has learned to view her with tolerance and respect.

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Cmdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Connor Trinneer)
Chief Engineer
Trip brings the kind of down-home personality that a certain doctor will bring to another Enterprise crew a century later. A 12 year veteran of Starfleet, he serves as NX-01's chief engineer. He went through deep space training with Captain Archer, who personally selected Tucker for this mission. He has the utmost trust and admiration for his commander, whom he has known for eight years. His curiosity and compassion often clash with T'Pol's logic. Cmdr. Tucker also has the distinction of being the first human male to be impregnated.

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Lt. Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating)
Chief Security Officer
After not following family tradition of serving in the Royal Navy, Malcolm Reed enlisted in Starfleet. He was selected by Cpt. Archer to serve as the Enterprise's head of security and munitions officer. He is responsible for the operating conditions of the ship's tactical weapons as well as training all crew on new hand-held phase pistols and rifles. Very little is known about him, even from those closest of family and friends, but with a little determination, Hoshi determined that pineapple is his favorite food.

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Ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery)
Helm Officer
Travis has spent most of his life on the starship freighter Horizon: a "Boomer" as his shipmates call him. He feels more at home on ship than he does on any planet; although, he has experienced many alien cultures already, and this experience should serve useful when making first contact with other races, he still has much to learn about deep space. His interests include studying the lost colony on Terra Nova, Earth's first deep space settlement.

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Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park)
Communications Officer
Sato, who was second in her class at the academy, was the linguist hand-picked by Captain Archer to be by his side when making first contact with other cultures. She is an exolinguist who has the ability to master a new language in a short time. With such a limited database in the Universal Translator, her skills will serve as an invaluable asset on Enterprise's first missions.

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Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley)
Chief Medical Officer
Phlox, a Denobulan exobiologist who is part of an alien exchange program, finds living among humans a most rewarding experience. Phlox loves to observe the social interaction of humans, and his knowledge of a variety of alien life and medicines will come in handy in the new frontier of space.

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Unofficial Mascot
Porthos, Captain Archer's loyal beagle and best friend. He is going, in the words of Cmdr. Tucker, "Where no dog has gone before." He is fond of T'pol and likes Cheddar... even though it doesn't agree with him.

"...You're all astronauts...on some kind of star trek..." Zefram Cochrane 2065

Enterprise Crew
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