Enterprise NX-01 comissioned 2151
Source: “Enterprise A New Era of Discovery” Star Trek. Com (2001) 6 Oct. 2001 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Enterprise NX-01

Commissioned 2151

The Enterprise NX-01 is the first long-range starship in Earth's Starfleet. With the help of the Vulcans, Earth worked dilegintly to develop a ship that would travel at warp 5 and survive the rigors of long-range space travel. While there are some who believe that the Vulcans kept human space exploration at a stand still since the discovery of warp technology in 2065, without their help, it is speculated that humans may not have been ready for deep space travel.

Launched in 2151, the Enterprise is under the command of veteran Starfleet officer, Captain Jonathan Archer. This assignment is quite appropriate considering his father, Dr. Henry Archer, was instrumental in aiding Zefram Cochrane in the construction of the Warp Five Complex and the advancement of the warp engine since the flight of the Phoenix almost a century earlier. The Enterprise can accommodate a crew compliment of 80-90. Her first deep space mission took her to Rigel 10 and Kronos, homeworld of the Klingon Empire.

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"Somehow I doubt this will be the last ship to bear the name Enterprise" Jean-Luc Picard

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