I can't believe you're #1 on Popcorn's poll... afterall, I got to shower with T'pol.

Episode 12
"Silent Enemy" Airdate: 01.16.02
Director: Winrich Kolbe   Written By: Andre Bormanis

Attacked by an unidentified enemy ship, the crew struggles to get their new phase canons operational. Meanwhile, Archer realizes that no one knows Reed well enough to give him a personalized birthday gift.

Source: “Silent Enemy” Star Trek. Com 10 Jan 2002. 11 Jan. 2002 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Popcorn's Rating 7.5/10
Popcorn's Comments: Although the primary story was pretty typical for a Star Trek series, the secondary story was worth watching. Discovering more about Malcolm, who according to our survey is the most popular character, was interesting. It appears that not only do fans know very little about Reed, but so do his family and friends. What was interestiong about this episode was that even though we are given a little more insight into Reed's character, he still remains a mystery. However, it is probably his lack of attachment that is a dirving force behind his determination to do his job. I do wish that the episode had also taken time to flesh out and develop Trip's former relation with Natalie, his girlfriend he left on Earth.

Episode 13
"Dear Doctor" Airdate: 01.23.02
Director: James Contner   Written By: Maria Jacquemetton & Andre Jacquemetton

The crew discovers a new planet with two races, one in desperate need of medical and scientific assistance. In the course of trying to help, Dr. Phlox recalls his own Denobulan past to address the ethical dilemmas that arise in the present.

Source: “Dear Doctor” Star Trek. Com 16 Jan 2002. 17 Jan. 2002 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Popcorn's Rating TBA
Popcorn's Comments: TBA

I am not so sure these new environmental suits will be adequete.

Episode 14
"Sleeping Dogs" Airdate: 01.30.02
Director: Les Landau   Written By: Fred Dekker

When Enterprise comes across a wounded Klingon vessel, T'Pol, Hoshi and Reed take a shuttlepod down to investigate. There they are ambushed by a hostile female Klingon who hijacks the shuttlepod, leaving the Enterprise crewmembers dangerously stranded aboard the Klingon vessel. Now it's up to Archer to take the Klingon under guard and enlist her help in rescuing his crew.

Source: “Sleeping Dogs” Star Trek. Com 23 Jan 2002. 29 Jan. 2002 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Popcorn's Rating 8.5/10
Popcorn's Comments: I must admit that most of this first season, I have been skeptical of the Klingon's part in Enterprise, tonight's episode gave me hope. I liked the newness with which this series is approaching the popular aliens. We are also gaining insight into what went wrong with Human/Klingon relations. I am still wondering when the major cultural faux pax will occur leading to over a century of tensions between the two cultures. So far, the Enterprise has done nothing more than try to help. I am also delighted that we get to see more of Reed and Sato, two very interesting characters I hope to see developed further.

Funny, she doesn't look this heavy.

Episode 15
"Shadows of P'Jem" Airdate: 02.06.02
Director: Mike Vejar   Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong

Archer and the crew are disappointed to discover that T'Pol has been ordered by the Vulcan High Command to leave the Enterprise — and equally frustrated at her seeming indifference to leaving their ranks. T'Pol's last mission as a Starfleet officer, however, proves eventful when she and Archer are kidnapped by a militant faction on an alien planet and find themselves once again at the mercy of the volatile Andorians.

Source: “Shadows of P'Jem” Star Trek. Com 31 Jan 2002. 2 Feb. 2002 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Popcorn's Rating TBA
Popcorn's Comments: TBA

Have you ever noticed T'Pol's bum?

Episode 16
"Shuttlepod One" Airdate: 02.13.02
Director: David Livingston   Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga

On a routine shuttlepod mission to investigate an asteroid field, Trip and Reed find themselves suddenly cut off from the Enterprise and become convinced that the mothership has been destroyed. With a limited oxygen supply and almost no chance of being rescued, the opposite-minded twosome must battle their annoyance with one another while also coming to terms with their impending demise.

Source: “Shuttlepod One” Star Trek. Com 8 Feb 2002. 9 Feb. 2002 {http://www.startrek.com.}

Popcorn's Rating 10/10
Popcorn's Comments: This episode had everything that I feel made ST:DS9 a great series, and that would be human interaction. Here we have two very different characters trapped in a shuttlepod, and they are forced to get along, survive, and discover that they have more in common than they thought. The friendship built here is similar to that of the friendship Bashir and O'Brien formed on DS9. I also appreciate the humar that this episode injected: memories of past loves, and converstaions over T'Pol's "bum". This was Trek at its best.

"...You can't be afraid of the wind..." Jonathan Archer

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