Star Trek First Contact
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Star Trek The Next Generation Crew
Star Trek First Contact

How can I not like a movie that served as the launching pad for the new Enterprise series? Not only this, but out of TNG 3 big screen outings, this film was the only one that looks more like a motion picture and not just an extended version of a television episode. Now before you start to email hate mail to me, let me clarify: While it is true that TNG is a fine series, many of its stories were constructed around the medium of television... and that is what they should be, but when one presents a story on the big screen, then the story need to flow as a movie. This film looked new (thanks in large part to the introduction to the incredibly popular Soveriegn class Enterprise). Its visual scope was not confined to the small dimensions of a television screen. The casting of screen veterens James Cromwell and Alfie Woodard also added the feel of the film. While it is true that Malcolm McDowall is an accomplished actor, his Dr. Soran played like a classic melodramatic television villan. I also appreciated the humor of the piece: Worf's declaration of ,"Assilmilate this!" after striking down a Borg with a mek'leth, Deanna Troi endulging in tequila, Geordi reflecting on the metaphor, "leak," and many more. I can only hope when Star Trek X hits the screen, it takes its cue from First Contact.

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